Enjoying Nature and I'm on the Radio

I took a break from editing my latest romance novel to let Roo (my Australian cattle dog mix) run around the backyard for a bit. She spotted a beautiful cardinal sitting on the fence and dodged toward it. Of course, the bird flew to the safety of tree branch. But then Ms Cardinal started chirping angrily and popped her head out of the leaves to stare down at Roo as if to say, "Who do you think you are?"

Then two dragonflies lit on the rocks around my flower bed, and a third (huge!) swooped past so fast I could barely see it.

I love that I'm able to spend time out in nature just by stepping out my back door.

Okay. Back to work.

~  ~  ~

Elaine Raco Chase, host of Authors Corner Review, 
will be interviewing me tonight (May 24th) on
The show starts at 8:05 PM (eastern standard time). 
Click the link above, and scroll down to Authors Corner Review to listen.
Feel free to call in with your questions. Elaine will provide the call-in
number once the show starts. I'll be giving away some books!
See you there!

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