Some Thoughts on Little Boys

Matthew and Michael
I spent the weekend with 5-year-old Michael and 4-year-old Matthew. Here are a few things I noticed about little boys.

Favorite word: poop.

Favorite activities: jumping on the bed, racing down the hall, and laughing.

Something little boys can't help but do: tell the honest-to-goodness truth. ("Wow, Aunt Donna, you're the oldest one here.")

Favorite food: pizza. Anytime, anyplace.

Favorite collectables: rocks.

Here are a few snippets from our most memorable conversations:
"Mommy!" Matthew ran into the kitchen. "Michael said suck is a bad word and I can't say it. Is suck a bad word?"
"Yes," Mom said sternly. "Don't say that word."
Matthew looked horrified. "But I like to suck on lollypops!"
Mom looked at me with rounded eyes as if to ask, what do I do now?
"We should clean up this mess," I told the boys one morning.
"Nah," Matthew said, waving off my idea, "Mommy will do it."
Michael nodded. "It's good to have a mommy."
While exploring the bay, one of the boys pointed to a cluster of mussels growing on the rocks and his voice filled with awe as he said, "Look, Aunt Donna! Living creatures!"
After he arrived home from a day at the beach, I asked Michael, "Did you have a good time?"
"Yes! But I got sand everywhere." His chin dipped and his brows arched as he added, "In every crevice."
And my favorite:

"Aunt Donna, would you fix me a ham and cheese sandwich?" Matt asked.
"Of course," I told him. "Let's go ask Mommy first."
"You don't have to ask her." Matt shook his head as if I were a complete imbecile. "I can tell you how to make it."
I couldn't help but smile. "You can?"
"Sure." He shrugged. "It's ham. It's cheese. It's sandwich."
My ham-and-cheese-sandwich knowledge might be a bit iffy, but I do know that I LOVE little boys!


BooksAndPals said...

And I've discovered that I need a Mommy to clean up. :)

Kate Warren said...

Sounds a lot like my boys when they were younger, except with more talking. ;)

M.P. McDonald said...

Very cute and made me remember my own boys at that age. :-)

Donna Fasano said...

Kate, there was a lot of talking. I asked Michael on Sunday morning if he'd like to watch cartoons until his parents woke up and he told me, "I'd rather talk."

mamateal said...

ah Donna, those are very sweet innocence years..I recall them well with my own 3 children.. wish we as Moms could put those little moments in a jar someplace and take them out and listen to them when those same children get to be teenagers and young adults with having All that infinite wisdom that they do and begin to really test US Adults..mark one to Share with grand kids..

new book idea?

kristen said...

I LOVE IT! I love those boys!! You should see Liam follow them around. He LOVES playing with them!! Thanks for sharing, it was cute and very funny!

Harlie Reader said...

I have a 7 yr old son and he never stops talking and asking random questions. I love it!


Maureen Fisher said...

Very cute post. It took me back to when my own sons were that age.