Introducing Author William L.K.

Meet William L.K., author of sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian fiction. He's written a trilogy called The Stritonoly Chronicles. Think Dune meets George Lucas. The entire series cost less than $3. I saw your eyes go wide. That's right--less than $3. That's a great deal for great fiction.

Book 1, The Eye of the Storm - Dmitri, son of the Czar of Stritonoly, is driven insane by the forbidden poison of the slave-race Acidel and sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events. A terrifying and eternal force stalks the forest nearby as a storm of epic proportions gathers over the Citadel.  

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Book 2, Barok's Exodus - The story continues six years in the wake of the night of treachery and the greatest storm the planet of Stritonoly has ever witnessed. Princess Becki has grown in these years. She learns that her powers over the men that hold her captive may bring her what she has been waiting for, perhaps for longer than she realizes. As the story unfolds, the characters discover truths about themselves, some terrifying, others prophetic.

This book is available on Amazon.

Book 3, The Last Czar of Stritonoly - The prize of ultimate power on Stritonoly is at stake as Strito, with Princess Becki at his side, lays siege to the citadel. Barok emerges, transformed again and returns to the Citadel to make amends to his wife and to the Acidel - but their very existence hangs in the balance as Gunther unveils his terrible plan to destroy Strito's army.

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About the author - William L.K. lives in the suburbs of New York with his wife and two children. He began writing creatively as a teenager, and he has written and produced several successful plays and musicals in the NY area. He earned his B.A. and M.S. from Dowling College. He is a professional musician on the weekends and a full-time author during the week.

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