Self-Publishing 101: Your Amazon Author Page

Many of you know I run a blog called Awesome Romance Novels. All too often as I write up the posts for the books I promote, I'm surprised to see that authors have not created an Author Page on Amazon. Why, oh, why do authors not take advantage of this wonderful marketing tool?

I won’t lecture you about the many reasons you should climb up onto this FREE soapbox that Amazon offers, but I will recommend that you do it. And I’ll even give you a quick how-to:

1.     Create an account at Here’s how.
2.     Once your account is created, claim your books.
3.     Upload a photo of yourself. Readers love to actually see you!
4.     Write an active bio which includes accolades, awards, and social media information.
5.     Use Author Central to update the product descriptions of your books.
6.     Check your Author Ranking. It’s a really cool feature.

For more information on Author Central and the importance of this platform, see Jackie Weger’s post on Novel Authors At Work. Also, check out what Amazon has to say about all that Author Central has to offer.

Now go do it. Do it now!

Do you have a Self-Publishing 101 tip to offer? Please share your knowledge in the comment section. 


Cynthia B. Pratt said...

I'd also recommend tieing your twitter feed and blog posts into your Author Central page. Once you connect those, they'll come up automatically without anymore effort on your part.

Jackie Weger said...

Donna Fasano! As usual, you nailed it. I am astonished beyond measure that indie authors tick that publish button on Amazon and go their merry way without having given a single thought to composing an author bio inside Amazon Central. Amazon is where readers and book buyers live. It is the first place an author needs to introduce herself to the reading public. #CynthiaPratt's suggestion to link twitter feed and Facebook is key. Those scroll on the side of an author's page. You can even add your book trailers. I recently read a comment by internationally best seller, #MartinCrosbie, that less than 10% of indie authors actually master the basics of indie authorship. Which is the main reason we hear, "My book isn't selling." It is not easy to learn the ropes, yet Amazon makes some of the basics easy to do. Great post!

Dianne Greenlay said...

Donna, this is a wonderful post. It makes me go back and tidy up and refresh my own Author page with Amazon. Thanks for the nudge!

Dale Furse said...

Thanks, Donna, it's good to be reminded every so often to spruce up our pages. The fact the the author page is free is a great bonus to all authors.