A Day for LOVE

Saint Valentine's Day is all about celebrating LOVE. We see hearts and doves and cupids (you know, those cute little winged angels with the wicked bows and arrows). The most romantic Valentine's Day in my own memory was back in 1976 when my boyfriend (who is now my husband of many years) gave me a small bone-china heart painted with a rendition of the traditional endless knot of love. The poem reads:

Accept this token that I send.
A knot of love without an end.
A cord embraced and intertwined.
As doth my love if you'll be mine.
For you, my pretty Valentine.

My heart melted that day, and if it were possible for me to fall any more deeply in love, I did. And I became a firm believer in romance. So go out today and buy your loved one a rose or a box of chocolates or a card, or make a nice meal or a hot-lava cake, or write a poem of your own creation--do something to make your lover feel wanted and loved and apprectiated.

Let the romance commence!