Price Experiment--Interesting Results

As part of my birthday celebration, I lowered the price of my romantic comedy, The Merry-Go-Round, for Kindle and Nook readers. In one day, I sold over 110 copies of the Kindle version...and, interestingly, not one Nook version. I announced the sale in all the same venues (the Facebook pages of both Kindle and Nook, B&N's bookclub community, Amazon Kindle forum, friends and fellow writers tweeted and shared and blogged the news), so I'm left feeling completely flummoxed by these results. Marketing is both powerful and confusing, and it is clearly obvious--to me, at least--that it is something I have yet to figure out.

I had a great time yesterday, and want to thank everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday.

The big day!

I've been celebrating all week long. *grin* Visiting with friends, drinking, laughing, reminiscing, plotting, planning...did I say drinking and laughing? Happy birthday to me!

This past year has been difficult, but it's a new day, a new year, and I'm know the future is going to be filled with good things. How can it not when I am surrounded by so much love and family and friends? I am truly blessed.

Commercial break. *cue fancy music*
To celebrate my big day, I'm offering my romantic comedy, The Merry-Go-Round, for 99 cents. It's available for Kindle US (, Kindle UK ( Nook ( I hope you'll check out my book! *fancy music fades*
Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

Have a great day! I know I will!

Happy Birthday to ME!

No, no...not today. Next Sunday, the 27th. But I always like to start the party early. <g> So if you feel like leaving me a birthday message to help me celebrate, please do. Let's get this party started!

A Day for LOVE

Saint Valentine's Day is all about celebrating LOVE. We see hearts and doves and cupids (you know, those cute little winged angels with the wicked bows and arrows). The most romantic Valentine's Day in my own memory was back in 1976 when my boyfriend (who is now my husband of many years) gave me a small bone-china heart painted with a rendition of the traditional endless knot of love. The poem reads:

Accept this token that I send.
A knot of love without an end.
A cord embraced and intertwined.
As doth my love if you'll be mine.
For you, my pretty Valentine.

My heart melted that day, and if it were possible for me to fall any more deeply in love, I did. And I became a firm believer in romance. So go out today and buy your loved one a rose or a box of chocolates or a card, or make a nice meal or a hot-lava cake, or write a poem of your own creation--do something to make your lover feel wanted and loved and apprectiated.

Let the romance commence!

Why "in all directions"?

I chose the title of my blog because my mind often flies in lots of directions. First and foremost, I'm a wife, mother, sister, friend. But I'm lots of other things, too. I'm a published author (maybe you've read some of my books) who loves to travel and cook (and eat!). I live with two dogs, a border collie mix named Jake and an Australian cattle dog named Roo. I'm also interested in world religions and love all things spiritual. And I know there are subjects I'm curious about that I haven't thought to mention. So I've decided the best kind of blog for me would be one where I am free to write about anything at any time. In other words, I want to be footloose and fancyfree! Oh, yeah...that would be me.

I hope you'll join me!