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My grandmother always told me that it's impolite to toot your own horn. Bragging, she said, is not seemly for young lady. Well, I'm not that young anymore, and all I'm doing here is laying out the facts, ma'am, just the facts. *ornery grin*

I'm a bestselling, award-winning author of over 30 romance and women's fiction novels. I wrote for Harlequin Books for twenty

 years. My HQ books won me 3 HOLT Medallions as well as other awards and made bestseller lists. A few years ago I started self-publishing my work. My "indie" books have won awards and have made it onto both the Kindle and Nook Top 100 Lists. (Can the the New York Times and USA Today Lists be far behind? I like to think not.) As an Indie Author, I have found "being my own boss" to be as exhilarating as it is overwhelming. I've been amazed by reader response to my books! I know that I am nothing without readers who are willing to buy, read, and review my work. To my loyal readers, I'd like to say, "THANK 
Please feel free to connect with me. I'd love to hear from you.

If you enjoy romance novels that make you laugh and also tug at your heart, please give my books a try.



Frank said...

My site, kindlenookebook.org, regularly post articles and reviews from contributing authors. I would like to exchange articles with you with links back to our respective sites. If this sounds OK, please email me at frank@kindlenookebook.org

Anonymous said...

His wife for a while I have to say was a great heart tugging story!! Thank you for such a great read!!! Keep them coming!


Donna Fasano said...

Mary, I am so glad you liked the story! That makes me very happy! Thank you for stopping by my website.


Anonymous said...

Dear Donna, Loved the merry-go-round.. I wasn't a fan of romantic comedys but your writing skills made me want to keep turning pages to see what was happening next. Totally loved it

Donna Fasano said...

Oh, Mark, you've put a huge smile on my fact today! Thank you so much!


Lisa Hutchison said...

Just finished Reclaim My Heart. Very sweet story. Enjoyed it very much..I look forward to reading more of your work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,

Reclaim My Heart was a perfect snow day read today! It was so nice of you to give it to Ari to share with me.

Thank you again, I really enjoyed it!

Donna Fasano said...

Lisa and Erin, thank you for your kind words. It is difficult to find the words to express my gratitude that people are actually reading and enjoying my books.

Warmest regards,

CA Baugh Publishing said...

Thank you! - - for your Q&A on Ask.com regarding 'Indie Publishing". My wife just finished a literary romance novel and as her 'business agent' I truly needed some realistic insight into how and what was ahead. You are a caring, thoughtful person..much success in your endeavors.

Donna Fasano said...

CA, wow! Thank you very much. Your kind words are much appreciated!


Barbara Silkstone said...

That is an awesome collection of awards! Well deserved!

dialeigh slow said...

I did all but join your street team, not because I don't want to but because my husband is having surgery and will require a lot of my time during his recovery as well as raising our 5yr.old grandson. It wouldn't be fair as I'll not have the time to do a good job. Tried on Goodreads but came back not found.

Donna Fasano said...

Dialeigh, thank you! I've entered you x5 in the giveaway. Thanks for helping me! Here's me on Goodreads:

I wish your husband a speedy recovery!

My best,

Anonymous said...

I just finished “Return if the Runaway Bride”. I loved it! It is so nice to read a nice romance without all the vivid descriptions of body parts and accompanying actions. You show that a story can be romantic without going into such detail, lets me imagine what happened. Thank you!