Showcase Yourself! Pin a Tweet! @DonnaFaz

What you’re about to read isn’t new information. Twitter has allowed tweet-pinning for quite sometime. However, I find few Twitter users who take advantage of this useful tool.

Why should you pin a tweet to the top of your profile page?

When someone on Twitter re-tweets (RTs) one of your posts, it’s simply good Twitter etiquette to return the favor if you can. If they have a tweet pinned to the top of their profile page, then it’s easy to know which tweet they would prefer to have you RT. And the same goes for you; if you RT someone, they’re very likely to visit your Twitter page to RT something for you. Having a tweet pinned to your profile page, ready to be RTed, is a great way to find a wider audience for your posts.

Showcase yourself by pinning your very best content. Examples of tweets to pin: a link to your newsletter sign up, the cover of a new release, news of a sale or a giveaway, etc.

How to pin a tweet:

1.    Log onto Twitter.

2.    Post a tweet, or choose a tweet, you’d like to pin.

3.    Click on the three dots located at the bottom right hand corner of the tweet.

4.    Click on “pin to profile page.”

It’s that simple. I have used pinned tweets to grow my newsletter subscribers, promote a new release, advertise a sale, and highlight a particularly informative blog post. Right now, I have pinned a teaser about my newest release, Falling for a Single Mom. Later this month, I plan to pin a tweet advertising a $0.99 promo of Romance Beach Bundles 2 which will be on sale from August 16 - 23. 

Twitter offers this pinning option free of charge, so don’t forget to use this valuable tool to showcase yourself and your books.