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6 Tips To Mend Homework Heartbreak #Parenting #Education

I overheard a conversation today while sitting in the doctor's waiting room. A mom was lamenting the dread she and her son go through each evening when facing homework. Both my boys are grown and I live in an empty nest, but I remember how homework could turn an evening into a nightmare. Here are a few suggestions that I used to help alleviate the problem.

1. Allow Some Venting – Listen to the groaning for a bit. Kids need to express their frustration and want to be heard. Empathize with phrases like, "that is a lot of work," and "wow, you sound upset." They'll feel better and have more focus once they know they're understood.

2. Earlier Is Better – Let's face it, kids (and parents) aren't much good at anything when they're tired. Get to that homework as quickly as you can.

3. Positive Reinforcement – Try not to mirror your child's moaning and groaning. A "you can do this" or "this looks interesting" can go a long way in teaching your child to have an upbeat attitude about homework.

4. Create a Call List – A couple of "study buddies" can be a good thing if your child forgets an assignment, so have some phone numbers on hand. A classmate can read the instructions over the phone, or a parent can take a picture of the list of spelling words and send it in a text or an email.

5. Leave The Room – Allowing your child to do his/her homework on their own builds confidence. This is not to say that you shouldn't be within calling distance if you're needed, but parents should realize that some kids will often drag out the inevitable merely to get attention.

6. Become A Cheerleader – Young children, especially, thrive on praise! Don't be afraid to let your child know he/she did a great job. I'm not suggesting that you let blatant mistakes go uncorrected, but once the homework is done to the best of your child's ability, go ahead and give them a "good job" and a nice, big hug.

Years ago, a friend called to tell me her 3rd grade daughter had locked herself in her room after they'd fought over homework. I had to use every tool in my homework toolbox to save the day. After it was all over, I told the little girl, "You shouldn't fight with your mom over homework." She looked contrite while her mother offered an I-told-you-so expression. I said to my friend, "You should fight with your daughter over homework." My friend's eyebrows arched and her daughter giggled like a little monkey. In the end, all three of us were laughing.    

Do you have a funny homework story? How do you cut homework heartache?

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Let's Talk About Sex, Baby! Let's Talk About You And Me!

According to The Journal of Sex Research and Psychological Bulletin, women who read romance novels or erotica enjoy 74% more sex with their partners than women who don't. It turns out that women are fantastic at fantasizing, and suggestive reading material helps them to do so more intensely and more realistically. The report goes on to say that these woman not only have more sex, but they have better sex that includes playful and experimental behavior (such as playing naked tag when the kids aren't home…not that I've ever done anything like that, mind you…I was merely offering an example).

So what do you think? Do romance readers enjoy more sex? Are romance readers more playful, more willing to experiment? Are they better fantasizers (is that even a word)? How does your sex life compare to your best friend's, your mother's, your sister's? Do you ever talk to your friends about sex, or is it kept closed up behind the bedroom door?  

Feel free to leave an anonymous comment. *grin*

Authors! Expand Your Kindle Readership Using Keywords

When authors upload a book using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), part of the process is selecting Categories and Keywords.

Choosing appropriate categories allows your book to show up on various bestselling lists such as Contemporary Romance or Self-Help or Science Fiction. However, did you know that the keywords you choose can also cause your book to be listed in categories that are not available on the KDP dashboard? That’s right. Keywords are not just for customer browsing purposes.

Let’s use my latest romance novel as an example. Reclaim My Heart is a contemporary romance, and that’s one of the categories I chose. I also chose Drama, and the book has kept a high enough sales ranking to show up on the Kindle Drama Bestsellers List. However, the book also deals with an interracial couple, and the Native American aspects of the story make the book multicultural. I discovered that there’s a Kindle Romance Interracial & Multicultural List. I wrote to KDP to see how I could get my book listed in this category. The Kindle tech explained that, in order to be listed in Interracial & Multicultural category, I had to use those two words in my keywords on the KDP dashboard. The tech also sent me a link where Amazon has listed dozens of keywords that can help you get your books listed in very detailed categories.

Find new readers for your books by periodically swapping out appropriate keywords for your books.

Have you used keywords to get your book listed in a different category? Did this method increase visibility and sales? Tell me about your experience in the comment section below.

Happy writing!

This article originally posted at Indie Chicks Cafe.