Price Experiment--Interesting Results

As part of my birthday celebration, I lowered the price of my romantic comedy, The Merry-Go-Round, for Kindle and Nook readers. In one day, I sold over 110 copies of the Kindle version...and, interestingly, not one Nook version. I announced the sale in all the same venues (the Facebook pages of both Kindle and Nook, B&N's bookclub community, Amazon Kindle forum, friends and fellow writers tweeted and shared and blogged the news), so I'm left feeling completely flummoxed by these results. Marketing is both powerful and confusing, and it is clearly obvious--to me, at least--that it is something I have yet to figure out.

I had a great time yesterday, and want to thank everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday.


Helen Smith said...

Congratulations on selling so many Kindle copies. You didn't sell any Nook copies? That's weird/funny.

Are you going to keep your price low or are you going to put it back up again?

Donna Fasano said...

I'm going to leave it at 99 cents for 3 or 4 weeks. Switch11 from iReaderReview has said he will give me a mention, so I'll see what happens to my sales when that happens.

In the mean time, I'll be putting up two more backlist titles this month. Need to come up with good covers.