Bits and Pieces

I'd like to share some news from my friends and fellow authors.

Beth Orsoff, has unveiled a new cover for her book, Girl in the Wild. I love it!

Imogen Rose has written Faustine, the first book of the Bonfire Chronicles. And SL Baum is offering A Chance for Charity, both of these books are YA Paranormal.

Helen Smith has written a wonderful cozy mystery novella called Three Sisters which is the first book of her Emily Castles series. I have read The Miracle Inspector and other books by Helen and loved them all. She gave a portion of her earning to charity this month, so that makes her an author who is both witty AND generous.

Model Agent is new thriller by Sean Sweeney, and Michael Crane has just written a novelette called A Gnome Problem. William L.K. is a musician-turned-author who has penned The Voice. All three of these guys are sweet as sugar.

In an effort to placate avid fans, MP McDonald has finished March into Hell, the second book of the Mark Taylor series.

Naomi Kramer is the author of DEAD(ish) and (technically) DEAD--paranormal short stories for adults (language warning! <g>). I read these books in one sitting!

Virtual Strangers is a new crime thriller by the beautiful and multi-talented Susanne O'Leary.

Kristie Leigh Mcguire has put three of her books on sale: Second Chances, You've Got Mail from Japan, and Desert Heat.

RG Cordiner is a teacher by day, writer by night, who has written several books targeted for middle-grade readers. The Candy Wars and Bug Island are two of his titles.

Not one of these books costs more than $3.99. And some of them are 99 cents. That's right--e-books for under a buck!

Happy authors. Happy readers. I've done my good deed for the day!


M.P. McDonald said...

Thank you, Donna! :-)

Kristie Leigh Maguire said...

Thanks for the mention, Donna! You're the bestest!