Sample Sunday

It's that time again! Sample Sunday. Here's a small snippet from my romance novel, Mountain Laurel. Our heroine, Laurel, is interrupted in the shower by our, ah, make that 'a stranger' and she tries to escape. Hey, that's exactly what I would do! *grin*

Not losing another second, she stood on the toilet seat lid, cranked open the window and punched out the screen. It would be a tight fit, but it was the only way out. Tiny bug carcasses crunched under her palms when she placed her hands on the sill, but she barely noticed. She pulled with all her might. The shiny pine paneling was slick and she slipped twice, both times her knee banged painfully into the wall. She squealed when, in her thrashing to get up to the window, her foot hit the hand mirror, sending it crashing to the floor.
"What the devil is going on in there? Open this door!" Angry bangs vibrated in the room.
Sweat broke out on her forehead and upper lip. Pulling with all her might, she hoisted herself up to the window. Tears of fear and frustration blurred her vision and her arms quivered from exertion. Her head and shoulders were through the opening, but she could no longer reach the porcelain tank with her feet, so she lost her leverage point. Shifting her torso one way, then the other, she inched further out the narrow window.
She heard a great weight crash against the bathroom door. Oh, God, I'll never make it, she thought, wriggling more desperately.
The second impact against the door caused the wood to splinter, and Laurel screamed with what little air was left in her lungs. When that was gone, she breathed as deeply as the tiny window opening would allow and screamed again.
After rubbing his shoulder, Michael hit the door a third time. It finally gave way and slammed against the wall.
He stepped into the bathroom, shards of glass crunching under his shoes. "What the hell..."


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