Completing a 'Finished' Product

As many of you know, I am slowly updating and expanding my backlist books and I am putting them up for sale as e-books for Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Sony, Kobo, iPad (Apple), Diesel, etc. Well, I was hard at work on my third backlist book, which is called Return of the Runaway Bride, when one of my beta readers sent me a request.

(Let me pause here to explain that in this new digital publishing age, a beta reader can be compared to a proof reader--someone who reads an e-book in advance and points out typos, misused words and such.)

So one of my beta readers told me she'd like Runaway Bride to have an additional scene. She felt the book was unbalanced, that the contention between the protagonists overwhelmed the romance between them. So...I am diving into the story today to see if I can fulfill her request. Coming up: one powerfully romantic scene!

Hopefully, I can get this scene written this week and find a perfect place to smoothly insert it in the story so the book will read as if the new scene had been there all along. I'd love to put out the book next week, but sometimes perfect takes more time than we anticipate (snort). I'm excited to see Return of the Runaway Bride offered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. As a little teaser, I will unveil the beautiful cover today. Ta da!!! Thank you, thank you, Rayna Januska! You are a graphic artist extraordinaire!

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