The Merry-Go-Round Hits Top 100

For five days - Dec 16-20 - The Merry-Go-Round was offered for free in Amazon's Kindle Store. Over 45,000 US readers and almost 6,000 UK readers downloaded the book, free of charge. Readers in Germany, France and Italy also downloaded a few copies. I've already received some nice reviews and reader feedback. I want to thank those who have left such wonderful reviews on Amazon. I feel this 'free giveaway' experiment has been a great success.

Today, the book inched it's way up the sales ranks until it hit the Kindle Top 100 List. As I write this post, The Merry-Go-Round is #77 in the Kindle Store. I am jumping for joy!

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BooksAndPals said...

Now at #68. Keep climbing, Donna.