Two Reviews to Share

Readers who share their kind thoughts about my books in reviews really make me happy. Here are two such reviews that were recently posted on Amazon for His Wife for a While:

Krazy Kindle Lady said, "I read this book in one sitting!! It brought tears to my eyes. Thought it was a great book!! It was an easy read!! I will definitely be downloading her other books to read!!"

LeenBee said, "I loved this book. What a sweet, touching romance that made me deeply invested in the characters. She kept the conflict going right to the end. I love the way Chelsea found true love for her desperately empty soul and how Ben was willing to risk so much to show how much he loved her. Very well written and a perfect read!"

I want to thank Krazy Kindle Lady and LeenBee for taking the time to tell others that they enjoyed my book. I am deeply grateful!

You can find His Wife for a While at Amazon's US Kindle Store and also the UK Kindle Store.

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Sandy said...

Donna, Congrats! These are great reviews. Thanks so much for sharing.