Valentine's Day Fun

So Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I'm always looking for lively ways to stir up a little mayhem. (I'm married to a logical scientist who doesn't understand the whole 'let's celebrate love' thing, so I'm forced to make my own fun. I ♥ him dearly, but...come on!)

I went hunting for some quirky gifts to give and found these great items:

This Strawberry Lip Lollypop will put a little smile on your man's face.

And who wouldn't love this little guy? I couldn't resist that little heart-shaped nose of his. So cuddly!

Now this is one check anyone would like to receive!
I wouldn't mind keeping this account 'balanced'! How fun is this?

How about sayin' I love you on his toast?

And just for the heck of it: A gift that needs no explanation. If this doesn't get a smile outta him, nothing will. 

And, finally, a gift for women to give their single girlfriends. Yes, they need to celebrate Valentine's Day too! A reversible hand puppet that she can change from prince to frog and back again, depending on her mood.  

I can't wait to celebrate Love Day! How about you? I'd love to hear what mischief and naughty mayhem you have planned! Leave a comment below and...
Have a very happy Valentine's Day!


cherio1 said...

These gifts are adorable; however, don't forget the heart-shaped hand cuffs!?!?lol

Donna Fasano said...

How could I have forgotten the heart-shaped cuffs??? (Those come in fuzzy pink too, in case you were wondering.) LOL