Knots in My Bangs

I have bangs (at 53, I've found that bangs are cheaper than botox ). Today, I was strapped to a parachute and dragged by a boat, the wind lifting me 800 feet into the air. I swayed and rocked and grinned like an idiot as the breeze whipped around me (and tangled my hair into knots more intricate than those tied by Navy Seals).

Yeah, that's me. Over there on the right. I'm parasailing!

The views of Ocean City, Maryland were spectacular. I could see for miles and miles. What I noticed when I was high in the sky was the silence. Huge dark patches blotched the blue-green bay and I realized those were shadows cast by the puffy clouds. Zipping jet skis left white wakes far below me, and fishing boats rocked on the choppy water. I was amazed how peaceful I felt floating up near the fat, scudding clouds.

After I was safely back on the boat, I was told that the 15-mile-per-hour winds had offered me "the wild ride" (those are the best kind, right?). On calmer days, the ride is much smoother. They won't allow people to parasail if the winds blow at 20 MPH. I felt absolutely fearless. I'd conquered the wild winds!

I'd like to thank the OC Parasailing crew who made this experience absolutely amazing. I'd do it again in an OC minute!

And the knots in my bangs? This fabulous adventure was well worth a little tugging and pulling with my hairbrush.
Here's me at 800 ft:

And finally, here's a short video of me, dipping my toes in the water.


BooksAndPals said...

Was that a shark nipping at your toes? :)

Many (many, many) years ago I went skydiving a couple times. I know exactly what you mean by the silence. It's a peaceful feeling. I didn't hear a thing until I was almost on the ground and heard everyone yelling at me. They were afraid I was going to land on the runway that the plane was also landing on. This sounds like the same experience without someone having to pry your fingers off the plane to get it. I'll have to try it some day.

Anonymous said...

Donna, how cool is this?! I've always wanted to try this but you know me and 'flying'..ha
I'm glad you conquered the winds, you've always been a rebel.
Love you,


Helen Smith said...


Bonnie Way said...

That sounds like a ton of fun! I wonder if there are any companies doing it around here? We almost went parasailing in Mexico, but would have had to juggle watching our kids while going up one at a time and so passed on it.