How To Center Header/Description in Blogger

You can center the title and description of your blog by following these easy steps:

1. Sign into Blogger

2. Click 'Design' (top right)

3. Click 'Template'

4. Click 'Advanced' (top left)

5. Scroll down and click 'Add CSS'

6. Cut and paste the following into the text area:

.Header h1, .Header .description {

You should end up with this:

7. Then click 'Apply to Blog'. Done!


Tammy Theriault said...

weirdly enough, i was just thinking of how to do that so u rock! love u blog!!

Rivania Pillay said...

Thanks so much for this tip! xx

Anonymous said...

Works fine. Thanks so much. !!

Digital Insite Computers & Support said...

hey thanks heaps, that worked perfect! you're awesome.

I've added a custom footer to my blog on blogger. Any idea of what CSS code I need to add to center the footer too?

thanks again