Graduation Gift Suggestions

My niece is graduating from high school in just a couple of weeks. I intend to give her cash (what graduate doesn't light up at the sight of money?), but I also want to give her some sort of little memento. A keepsake that will remind her of how proud I am of her.

If you have a high-schooler in your life who's graduating, here are some inexpensive gift suggestions I found on Amazon:







Sus said...

When I graduated high school, the two presents that I remember best were from my piano teacher: a wallet. And from the parent's of the kids I babysat: The Joy Luck Club (with an explanation of how to read it so it's easier to follow - by mother-daughter rather than page number).

Anyway, the gifts you found on Amazon are great! I love Seuss-isms and The Naked Roommate. :)

Donna Fasano said...

I absolutely LOVED The Joy Luck Club! I've read everything Amy Tan has written, but Joy Luck Club is still my favorite.

Sus, thank you for stopping in to visit. I appreciate it.