Oh, Sweet Lorraine

Fred and Lorraine Stobaugh were married for 75 years. Lorraine passed away not too long ago, and Fred poured his love into a song. He entered the lyrics into a songwriting contest hosted by Green Shoe Studios. In order to enter, he was supposed to upload a video of himself performing the song. But, you see, Fred is 96 years old, and he doesn't consider himself musically inclined.

The people at Green Shoe Studios were so touched by Fred's story and his heartfelt lyrics that they hired professional musicians to record his song.

I just bought Oh, Sweet Lorraine over at iTunes. You can too. It's only 99 cents. And if you want to see Fred's story, there's a video over at 22 Words.

I will warn you, though, pull out a few tissues before you watch. Fred is a lovely man who truly loved sweet Lorraine.

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?wazithinkin said...

What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing this.