Top Ten States for Retirees

Based on bottom line items such as cost of living, access to hospitals and doctors, taxes, crime rates, and weather, here are the top 10 states to consider if you're getting ready to retire.

10. North Dakota – Lowest state taxes in the 48 contiguous states, many attraction (the Badlands, Fort Seward, the Black Hills, botanical gardens, and more).

9. Nebraska – Due to low cost of housing, groceries, utilities, and health care.

8. Alabama – Although the crime rate is a bit higher, the "things to do" (beaches and
Hiking trails and mt views put WV on the list
golf) put this state on the list.

7. West Virginia – Those mountain views can't be beat. Besides the abundant trout fishing and miles of hiking trails, this state has a lower-than-average cost of living.

6. Virginia – Mountains and beaches with a low crime rate and low cost of living with lots of amenity-rich universities and colleges.

5. Mississippi – Although the poorest state, the Magnolia State has beaches and warm temperatures.

4. Kentucky – Mild weather, low taxes.

3. South Dakota – Yes, there are cold winters, but the low crime rate and the high number of hospital beds makes this the third best state for retirees.

2. Louisiana – Great jazz, a mild 66 degree average temperature, and low taxes.

1. Tennessee – Access to medical care, low cost of living, and mild weather put The Volunteer State at number 1.

See the full list and all criteria on the Bankrate site.

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