Authors! Expand Your Kindle Readership Using Keywords

When authors upload a book using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), part of the process is selecting Categories and Keywords.

Choosing appropriate categories allows your book to show up on various bestselling lists such as Contemporary Romance or Self-Help or Science Fiction. However, did you know that the keywords you choose can also cause your book to be listed in categories that are not available on the KDP dashboard? That’s right. Keywords are not just for customer browsing purposes.

Let’s use my latest romance novel as an example. Reclaim My Heart is a contemporary romance, and that’s one of the categories I chose. I also chose Drama, and the book has kept a high enough sales ranking to show up on the Kindle Drama Bestsellers List. However, the book also deals with an interracial couple, and the Native American aspects of the story make the book multicultural. I discovered that there’s a Kindle Romance Interracial & Multicultural List. I wrote to KDP to see how I could get my book listed in this category. The Kindle tech explained that, in order to be listed in Interracial & Multicultural category, I had to use those two words in my keywords on the KDP dashboard. The tech also sent me a link where Amazon has listed dozens of keywords that can help you get your books listed in very detailed categories.

Find new readers for your books by periodically swapping out appropriate keywords for your books.

Have you used keywords to get your book listed in a different category? Did this method increase visibility and sales? Tell me about your experience in the comment section below.

Happy writing!

This article originally posted at Indie Chicks Cafe.


Joan Reeves said...

Excellent post, Donna, about the wise use of keywords.

Colleen Faulkner said...

Thanks for the info-- had to figure out what keywords were in this context!

Marcia said...

Thankyou Donna - I deleted my previous comment as I found the keywords section on KDP. Great advice, I'm going to see if it makes any difference. My best wishes to you - wishing you every success.