Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Guys and Gals!

You have just two weeks to pick out the perfect gift that will let the love of your life know exactly how you feel. So let's put on our thinking caps and see if we can find that one special thing that will bring a smile to your lover's face. (And, hopefully, my little parenthetical wise cracks will put a smile on YOUR face.)

First off, there's always CHOCOLATE. Here's a suggestion for those who are on a budget. And here's something for those with a little more cash in their pockets: you can't go wrong with Godiva! (And you might have something like this as a backup. Wait! On second thought, maybe not.)

Candles are always nice! This one offers a written message along with romantic mood lighting (after you light it, of course). If you feel up to baking a cake, these would be perfect. (On the other hand, this one shouldn't be purchased by ANYONE as it'll just get you into trouble.)

If you're looking to spice things up a little in the bedroom, try this. Ladies, here's a version for your man (Don't you just love the name? Yes, feel free to go back and have a second peek). If you're looking for something a little more risqué, how about this? (But this is definitely going way too far...because it looks a little painful.)

Now for some way out, wacky suggestions: This and this would probably get you into trouble. But this "kiss on a chain" or this emerald set would surely melt the heart of your special someone. And, guys, there is absolutely nothing more romantic than popping the question on Valentine's Day! (Unless, she has an allergy problem. If that's the case, keep your questions to yourself.)

And, ladies, if your man forgets Valentine's Day altogether…buy him this…and give him the works. I guarantee, next year he'll remember.

I hope I gave you some good suggestions...and offered you a chuckle or two. 

Why are you still reading? Get your shopping done. Now!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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Linda McKinney said...

I always have such fun with your links, Donna! And yes, I went back for second looks! But the "it looks a little painful" link is broken. :(

Thanks for the ideas and the laughs! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!