Prayer Of Quiet Helps You Escape the Chaos @DonnaFaz

Many of you know that I describe myself as a spiritual seeker. Well, in my seeking I came across a simple and beautiful devotional practice, and I felt compelled to let everyone know about it. The result is PRAYER OF QUIET.

Here’s the book description:

Do you wish you could escape the chaos of the world? The Prayer of Quiet is a spiritual practice that can be used every single day to help you do just that. Communing with God in utter stillness is a method of devotion that is deeply rooted in the Christian tradition and has life-changing potential.

Prayer of Quiet is a short, simple instruction book offered as a means to open our eyes and our hearts so we might become more aware of God. It might be time to stop talking and start listening.

I’m proud to announce that the book is available in these formats:

This is truly a book-of-my-heart and seeing it published brings me a great deal of joy! If you have friends who are also spiritual seekers, please tell them about PRAYER OF QUIET. Thank you.

I wish you Love and Light!


Mark Montgomery said...

This book is a true inspiration to me. As a theology buff of world religions, I enjoyed the calming qualities this book provides. It moved me spiritually. It will help you find atonement and inner peace. The philosophy is timeless. This volume is an answer to human suffering and will calm the sole. God Bless You Donna and Thank You for this gift.

Suko said...

This truly sounds lovely. This is my kind of book. :)

Elizabeth said...

I definitely would like this book. Sounds so calming.

THANKS for sharing.

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