Like Your Romance Extra Spicy?

Today I'm introducing three author friends who write extra spicy romance novels. If you're faint of heart, don't read any further! *laughing* But if you love books that are sexy-sexy-boom-boom, then try a few books from these fabulous authors.

From Kristie Leigh Maguire:

Desert Heat     and      Cabin Fever

From Tawni Mynx:

Hidden Treasures       and         Show or Tell 

From Tiffany Towers:

Intimate Cowgirl        and             The Virgin's Tutor 
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1 comment:

Kristie Leigh Maguire said...

Thanks for featuring my books, Donna!

One male reader of my erotic romances said, "Who needs Viagra when you have a Kristie Leigh Maguire book to read?" Yes, males like my books too! :)