March Madness Sale! Three Books Under a Buck!

It's March! Let's have a sale! I'm offering three of my sweet romance novels for under a dollar each (77p in the UK). Take advantage of the sale and enjoy these three happily-ever-afters.

Her Fake Romance

"The author's style was pure delight, fun and funky. Modern and very entertaining. I never would have thought that a fake romance could be so funny and emotional at the same time. HJ Top Pick!"

Take Me, I'm Yours

"Readers who enjoy Debbie Macomber's writing will feel right at home in a Fasano novel." ~Fredlet, an Amazon reviewer

Mountain Laurel

"… after kidnapping her over-the-top sister to a mountain cabin, Laurel suddenly found a life and man of her own in Michael, the sexy park ranger. This is a delightful story, with many heartfelt scenes that shows Laurel coming into her own. The perfect, page-turning romance to read at the beach, or the mountain cabin, or in my case in a hammock!" ~ebookluver, an Amazon reviewer

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