Organize Your Friends on Facebook

If you're anything like me, you have tons of friends on Facebook…sometimes too many to keep up with. I've found a way organize my family, friends, business colleagues, fans, etc, so that I never miss another post or picture. The Facebook feature is called "List" and you can use it to create custom lists that will show up on the left hand column of your home page.

1.     Go to the timeline of the Friend you want to add to a list.
2.     Click the Friends icon located in the lower right-hand corner of their cover photo.
3.     On the menu that appears, click Add to Another List.
4.     Then scroll and click + New List
5.     Create a name for the list by typing it into the box and hit enter.

I have a list called Family, one called Friends, another called Writers I Love, and so on. Once you have your friends organized on these lists, simply click the list (as I said before, your lists will be located on the left-hand column of your home page). All your friends/family/etc posts will be there for you to comment on. 

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