How To Put Your iBook on Sale at iTunes - Step-By-Step

Because several of my author friends have asked me how to set up an iBook promotional campaign, I’ve decided to offer step-by-step instructions here on my blog. It seems complicated, but it’s really very simple. Just follow the steps below.

To set up a promo campaign for one of your iBooks:
  1. Sign into
  2. Click Manage Your Books
  3. Click on the book you want to offer for sale
  4. Click Rights and Pricing (top right corner)
  5. Click Edit Existing Territories (top right corner)
  6. In the BASE CURRENCY box, choose your preferred currency - US authors choose USD (United States Dollar)
  7. In the SUGGESTED iBOOK PRICE box, type in the sale price (0.99 for example)
  8. In the PRICE EFFECTIVE DATE box, type in the date you want your sale to start
  9. In the PRICE END DATE box, type in the date you want your sale to end
  10. Click Select All (this will put the book on sale in all countries)
  11. At the bottom, click Continue (you'll be taken to a page where your sale price and dates will show)
  12. Slide to the bottom and click DONE (do not forget this IMPORTANT step!)

The book will automatically go back to its regular price after the PRICE END DATE.


Ruth Harris said...

Donna, Thanks for a terrific step-by-step guide. Bookmarked!

Have you found iBooks reliable in the resetting of prices on the specified dates? Ruth

Donna Fasano said...

Ruth, I've never experienced a problem. It's been reliable for me.

Thanks for stopping by! :)