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Today, I invite Mimi Barbour, a friend and fellow author, 
to chat about her book, SHE'S NOT YOU.

The months it took to write this book was a fun time for me. The song echoed in my head periodically to remind me of where the plot line needed to go. I’d even play the tune just to get in the mood.

Of course, writing about this holiday is always special. I enjoy trying to get the mood just right so that it comes through the pages for the readers to experience. You know - those festive touches that bring the season close and makes one feel, taste and smell Christmas.

When I write my characters, I have a vision in my head, and at first, for the hero, I saw Elvis himself. But then Jesse Parker emerged and became his own man. I’m glad, because he’s a sweetheart and a shadow to no one. Locked into an old, dead romance, this guy needed to wake up and let go of his memories. Then he wouldn’t miss the lovely woman right in front of him – my heroine Belle. In the song it said – And it’s just breakin’ my heart cause she’s not you. Maybe not, but what if she’s better?

Belle Foster soon became real to me also. As a mother myself, I felt her worries and fears for her little girl. She’s a woman who’s had so much to overcome, most of all a belief in her own worthiness. Sick and alone at any time of the year is difficult, but when you have a small child who relies on you, and the season is Christmas, then who wouldn’t yearn for that special person to share their world.

And Layla, the child, could be anyone’s daughter or granddaughter. Mischievous and cute as a button, she gets into your heart, digs a hole and won’t be shook loose.

Put these three people together in a love story and you have a delightful tale that will warm your heart and brighten the holiday season for any reader of romance. Add a wedding and it can’t get much better...

Actually, it
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Patrice Wilton said...

Mimi - Donna - what a great blog and intro to this delightful sounding story. I'm an old Elvis fan too, and love, love this song, and Mimi it sounds as though you brought it to life with this emotionally charged, touching story. Can't wait to read it!

Mimi Barbour said...

Thank you, Patrice. Your sentiments have touched me and I really hope you do like the story.
And...thanks for being such a lovely hostess, Donna xo

20Pat said...

As so many of your books do Mimi, this one brought happy tears to my eyes. I fell in love with the characters and was so glad (and relieved) when they all got a HEA.

Mimi Barbour said...

Glad you liked it Pat. And happy for your reactions - seems my intentions worked - to get the reader invested :-)))

Sydell Voeller said...

Mimi and Donna, I enjoyed your blog post. What a delightful set of holiday storie!