Cleaning! Ugh! Here's a Helpful Tip #Housecleaning

A clean house. Everyone would love to have one; we just don’t want to be the one who’s doing the chores. I’m just finishing up a new story, and during the final days and weeks of intense focus on getting to The End, I rarely do anything besides write, eat, sleep, repeat. My house grows dusty and grimy. There will be cleaning in my immediate future! If you’re anything like me (an avoider of cleaning until it can be no longer avoided), then here’s a helpful tip that will make any major cleaning job easier.

I saw a post by a friend recently who gave a recipe for an effective cleaning solution that powered through the gray grime in the bottom of her tub. She used a 50/50 solution of blue Dawn dish detergent and white vinegar. She said she saw somewhere that the dish detergent must be the blue Dawn (although, there was no reason given as to why). She mixed the solution and poured the concoction on the bottom of the tub, let it sit overnight, and then used a Mr. Clean Eraser to scour the tub. Here are before and after pictures. The tub looks sparkly clean!

Warning! Mr. Clean Erasers should not be used on resurfaced porcelain. I had one of my bathtubs resurfaced and the installer said Mr. Clean Erasers are a no-no. If you've had your tub resurfaced call the installer and ask if this cleaner is safe to use.

Have you tried this blue Dawn and vinegar solution? If so, how did it work for you? Do you have any tips, tricks, or miracle cures for keeping your house clean? Let’s share and help each other make housecleaning a little easier. 

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