New Year - Big Dreams

For me, each New Year encourages me to contemplate. January offers a chance for a fresh, new start, an opportunity for change. Is it just me, or do you feel it too?

Although I’m not one to make resolutions, I do think about the year that has passed—what worked well and what did not. And I set some goals for the coming months. Over the first few days of 2018, I’m finding myself pondering less about what to do and more about how to be.

I want to be kinder and gentler towards myself and others. I want to smile more and argue less. I want peace, inside and out. I want peace not just for myself, but for everyone in the country, on the planet. I have no idea how to achieve it; I only know I want it.

Here are a few more desires that I have no idea how to make happen:

I want every hungry child to be fed.

I want every lonely person to feel loved.

I want war, in all its forms, to end.

I want every mother and father to know their children are safe.

I want a cure for every disease.

Now, let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Yes, I’m grinning at the silly notion that these things could ever come to pass. But that doesn’t keep me from dreaming that someday the world really could be a better place, a place where people respect and take care of each other, where people are placed above greed and profits, where every single person truly matters.

Please know that you matter to me. And I wish you peace in the New Year.

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