Make Your Own Foaming Hand Soap #DIY

I’m DIY kinda gal. I get a kick out of making it myself. Doesn’t matter what “it” is; if I can figure out how to make it work, I’m happy.

I bought a bottle of foaming hand soap at the store, and when the bottle was empty, I wondered what I should fill it with. Straight liquid soap clogged the pump. So I began fiddling with different solutions to figure out the proper dilution that would allow the pump to properly aerate. What I discovered was that a 20% solution worked best.


1 parts liquid soap
4 parts water

Measure out the soap and the water into a measuring cup or drinking glass. Work gently to dilute the liquid soap or you’ll end up with a bunch of bubbles. You want to avoid bubbles. You just want to thin out the soap, so stir gently. Refill your dispenser with the diluted solution, and enjoy the foam!

If your pump becomes clogged, simply remove it from the bottle and rinse it under running water, pumping to remove the thick soap inside.

Any type of liquid soap will work: body soap for showers, dish soap for dishes, shampoo, hand soap, etc.  

Oh, those foaming dispenser bottles can be found at many stores: Walmart, The Dollar Store, etc.

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Tonja Drecker said...

You read my mind! My daughter picked up a set of foaming soaps a while back, and now that the containers are nearly empty, I was wondering how I might refill them (waste not, want not ;)) Thank you for solving that problem!