Adopting A Dog by @DonnaFaz #DogRescue

I'm the “mom” of two wonderful dogs and both of them were rescues. Jake was a lovable black and white border collie. He was part of our family for over 15 years before he passed. Roo is our Australian cattle dog mix. Always rambunctious, she kept us on our toes. But at 11 years old she is slowing down now. She’s got arthritis in her left shoulder and her right hip; however, that doesn’t keep her from lovin’ the stuffin’ out of everyone she meets. She LOVES people and seeing her working so hard to get their attention is comical. She wags and whines and pulls on her leash to get a pet from everyone she meets.


Jake and Roo have enriched my life more than I can express. Dogs are loyal companions and always seem to know when you need some extra love. Many of you are considering whether to make a dog part of your family this holiday. If you do, please think about visiting your local shelter rather than buying from a pet store or breeder. So many dogs are put down due to the lack of good homes.

The internet is full of great information. You can find tips for caring for your dog at Wags And Walks. Pet Smart offers Everyday Adoption Centers, and the ASPCA can help you find Adoptable Dogs in Your Area.

Please note, more black dogs are euthanized that any other color dog. It’s called Black Dog Syndrome. Please consider saving a black dog.

Do you have a dog? Or did you have a dog when you were a kid? Tell me how your dog changed your life. 

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Rosie Dean said...

So true. We have a rescue dog who is the sweetest creature.
When I hear about illegal puppy farmers, who breed unhealthy pups and rip people off, I wonder why more people don't give rescue dogs a chance. It should be about the creature not the fancy breed.