DIY Hand Sanitizer ~ #Coronavirus Defense

All this talk of Coronavirus has me feeling nervous. I am planning to fly across the country next week and the last thing I want is to catch a bug. So I went to the store today for hand sanitizer—and the shelves were empty. However, I read online that I could make my own. Here’s my recipe:

DIY Hand Sanitizer

2/3 cup 91% isopropyl alcohol
1/3 cup 100% aloe vera

Measure alcohol and aloe vera into a clean glass mixing bowl. Use a wire whisk to stir until well combined. Pour the hand sanitizer into clean containers.

Yield: 1 cup (about 236 ml)

Other things you can do to avoid getting sick:
Wash your hands thoroughly and often.
Don’t touch your face.
Avoid shaking hands. Some people are bumping fists or elbows. I’m avoiding that, too as it is still skin-to-skin contact. Besides, people often sneeze into their hands and elbows. 

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