4 Quick, Simple Tips for Blogging Success

1. Offer Fun, Interesting Content

Your blog posts offer you a prime opportunity to shine, so write witty, write fun, write entertaining. Your blog posts should spark some sort of emotion in your reader. Make 'em happy. Make 'em sad. Make 'em think.

2. Ask For Comments

When you visit other websites and see lots of comments, what do you think? This site is popular! And that's exactly the opinion you want visitors to have about your site. So always include at least one open-ended question at the end of your posts.

3. Respond To Comments

If visitors take the time to comment, you should be a good host and respond. This isn't difficult. Click the setting on your blog so that you're alerted by e-mail any time someone comments.

4. Leave Comments On Other Blogs

Comment boxes usually offer a chance to add the URL of your blog as part of the comment process. DO THIS! You never know who might happen along, read your witty comment, and enjoy it so much they click through to your blog.

There you have it, my 4 quick and simple tips for blogging success. What tips have you found that have made your blog a success?


Jackie Weger said...

Donna! Great tips on blog posts. I'm doing everything wrong! See you tomorrow with Beyond Fate.
Hugs, Jackie Weger

Jackie Weger said...

Oh! I just made the first mistake! I didn't add my blog url.
What about an author's Facebook fan page? Would that be appropriate?
Jackie Weger

Donna Fasano said...

Jackie, thank you for stopping by! Yes to your website and yes to your FB page! :)

Ann Holt said...

I just took a look at my blog and realized I need to make some changes based on your hints too. Thanks for the blogging advice!

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