9 Ways to Let Go and Be Free ~ #Inspiration ~ @DonnaFaz

Letting go can be scary. But being free (of doubt, fear, guilt, negativity, etc) can’t be achieved without a willingness to let go of those things that keep you trapped. Freedom is a choice that can be life-changing. Here are some ways to achieve a better, lighter state of being.

1. Stop judging yourself – Release your expectations of who, how, where, and what you should be. Sometimes it’s in the letting go of judgments and ideals, even if only for a while, that allows you to move forward.

2. De-clutter – Clear off countertops and tabletops. File away those important papers where they belong. Sort through, give away, or simply get rid of any clothing you haven’t worn or those household items that you haven’t used in the past year. There’s probably someone out there who needs the very things you’re not using. Removing these unused items from your life will open your life to new things and give you more space to breathe.

3. Plan activities to look forward to – Whether it’s seeing a movie with friends, visiting an art exhibit, or a weekend away in a quaint B&B, give yourself something to feel excited about. Living in a state of anticipation is better than living with a woe-is-me or life-if-boring mentality.

4. Sit in silence – The key element in meditation is to focus on the here and now. Simply be present in this moment. When regrets from the past or fears about the future encroach on your thoughts, gently refocus your attention on the present. Start slow—five minutes is better than none—and gradually increase your meditation time until you reach the perfect duration for you.

5. Make someone’s day – When you find yourself feeling angry about the past or anxious and worried about the future, find a way to help someone else. Make lunch for a friend in need, offer a stranger a smile. Contributing to the well-being of others will make you feel more positive about yourself.

6. Spend time outside – It doesn’t matter where you go: the beach, a park, the mountains, a forest. Spending time outside will quiet your mind and lift your spirits.

7. Unplug from social media – We waste countless hours scrolling through timelines and post feeds. For what purpose? As long as you’re connecting with family and friends, a little bit is okay. But for the most part, social media sites put us on autopilot. Making a conscious effort to strictly limit yourself will leave you more time for real life experiences.

8. Starve your pain – Bad memories are fed by the remembering of them. You can choose not to feed your pain simply by being aware. When a bad memory floats into your thoughts, gently but firmly push it away by replacing it with another happier memory or thought. Let go of the bad thoughts; be free of the past. Not dwelling on the pain of the past is the best way to starve it.

9. Keep a gratitude journal – A gratitude journal doesn’t have to be elaborate. Every day (or night), write down 5 things for which you are grateful. There’s no pressure here. If 5 is too many, shoot for 3. Soon you’ll be looking for things in your day that you can enter into your journal. Living with an attitude of gratitude is much more positive than always complaining about or criticizing yourself, your life, or your situation.

Now it’s your turn. Do something. You can read dozens of articles on improving your life, but if you don’t implement the suggestions then nothing will ever change.

What suggestions would you add to this list? Leave a comment and help others let go and be free. 
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Cashmere JL said...

Wonderful advice Donna. The truth is that we know we need to let go so many old patterns, but stubbornly hold on to them. I specially like the suggestion of physically decluttering the space around you. I give away things my family has stopped using on a regular basis.