From One Word-Slinger To Another @DonnaFaz

Today’s post is for authors and/or anyone interested in word-slinging.

An online colleague and friend directed me to this article on How to Overcome Writer’s Block. In the post, BD Schmitt of The Authors’ Nook offers some practical advice on beating the dreaded block. We’re told to re-read the pages we’ve written (this will familiarize us with plot, scene, characters, etc), spend some time with our characters, begin with a prompt (Schmitt offers a great list of them!), as well as other helpful advice. This is a short, wonderful, power-packed post.

Thanks for The Passive Voice for pointing me to this eye-opening article on book sales from National Public Radio. The article quotes Washington Post critic Ron Charles who reviews books that are nominated for prestigious literary awards such as the Man Booker and National Book Awards, as well as other industry professionals about publishing sales figures. I have to say I’m shocked to learn of the atrociously low sell-through numbers of some of these wonderful, award-winning books. You can read the full article by clicking here.

The news of Jackie Collins death made me pause today. I enjoyed her novels over the years. According to USA Today, the actress-turned-author lost her battle with breast cancer. She penned 32 books in her life-time. She was 77. This much-loved author will be missed. 


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