Passion, Fire and Fury by Mel Comley

I'd like to introduce my readers to Mel Comley, author of Passion, Fire and Fury.

Here's what reviewers are saying about Mel's book:

"I've read Mel Comley's other books and this didn't disappoint. A thrilling short story with everything you need - romance, suspense, crime. Another great read!"
 ~ Sibel Hodge

"Once again, Mel Comley's ability to set a scene shines forth. A bit of mystery, a bit of romance, great dialogue and a deeply satisfying ending. Get a cup of tea and settle in for some 'me' time with this delightful short story" ~ P.E.

"Ideal for a short read on the way to work. This short novel races through its story, keeping the reader interested enough that the unlikeliness of the events are unimportant. The baddies, Suzie and Dave, were a little too bad, and the dramas, a little too much piled one upon another. Not exactly literary fiction, but for a quick escape - brilliant!" ~ Marj

The books costs only $1.49 - a great price for a quick, romantic read.



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