Do I Need More Social Media?

"Talks too much in class."
"Socializes at inappropriate times."
"Does not pay attention."

Did your elementary school teacher use any of these phrases on your report card? Mine did. And now that I'm all grown up and don't have to worry about anyone judging how much I socialize, I have gone hog wild! I have two twitter accounts. I have a Facebook account, have created several pages, and am also involved in numerous (as in many) groups on the site. I use StumbleUpon...and Pinterest. I have a blog. And now I am discovering Reddit.

What is Reddit? According to Wikipedia, is a site where people "have the option to submit links to content on the Internet or submit "self" posts that contain original, user-submitted text. Other users may then vote the posted links "up" or "down" with the most successful links gaining prominence by reaching the front page. In addition, users can comment on the posted links and reply to other commentators consequently forming an online community. Reddit users may create their own topical sections, known informally as subreddits and officially as communities, for which to submit their links and to comment, while appealing to a specific niche."

I don't really get Reddit yet. But I will. Oh, I will. I have no doubt. 

Do I need more social media? Probably not. However, luckily Mrs. Barnes isn't standing over my shoulder any longer. ~snort~

Talk on, people. Talk on!



Imogen Rose said...

I can't keep up... but I became a tumblr -er last night :)

Donna Fasano said...

Congratulations! Tumble, stumble, blog, digg, rate, dodge, pin...the choices are endless. Doesn't help matters that I want to choose them all. LOL Good luck, Imogen!