Mother Nature vs. Human Nature

While I was taking my walk this morning, Mother Nature put on a beautiful show for me. I saw the sunrise peeking through a blooming ornamental cherry tree. The flowers on the trees seem to have exploded with the exuberance of Spring. I saw robins and blue birds and geese.  The baby leaves of one bush were a soft shade of green. 

Then there was the pair of underwear. 

Wait? What? I can hear you asking, did you say underwear? I did.

Yes. It seems someone lost their boxers. Right there on the sidewalk. The questions that had me grinning were...

Did some runner become overheated? Or did some teenager become...overheated? And come laundry day, was his mother going to wonder where her son's boxers disappeared to?

It's such a shame that my pondering of Human Nature took my focus off Mother Nature.

(I just let my husband read this. His question was, "Were they my size?")  


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a saying that in spring a young man's fancy turns to love? Well, I think you have your answer. LOL Beautiful pictures, Donna!


Mel Comley said...

So that's what happened to them!! ;-)

?wazithinkin said...

LOL, The Traveling Pants stopped to take a nap!

Donna Fasano said...

Terry, I DO hope he used protection. ~snort~

Mel, please come pick up your underwear. (Said in my most stern Mom voice. Ha!)

Linda, you've given me an idea for a new novel. The Traveling Boxers. I've never written erotica before. LOL